15-16 September 2022

Address Hotel Marina, Dubai UAE

Logistics & Supply Chain Summit

15-16 September 2022: Dubai UAE

Day 1 | 15th September 2022

  • 0830

    Registration & Coffee

  • 0910

    Welcome Remarks by Sukhjinder Singh, Founder & CEO Infinity Expo

  • 0915 – 1015

    Supply Chain & Logistics Leaders Panel

    • The Future of Supply Chain
    • Pandemic, War - Impact of Geopolitical Risks on Supply Chain
    • Forex volatility and rising import costs on Supply Chains
    • Work from home, The Great Resignation – the workforce challenges
    • Supply Chain Risk Management: What’s the Next unpredictable…
    • Successful Strategies for Building End-to-End Collaboration Post Pandemic
    • Sustainability, Circular Economy, Net Zero and Supply Chain

    Nadia Abdul Aziz, President NAFL, UAE
    Kris Brusselmans, Chief Operating Officer, Al Majdouie
    Phil Showering, Chief Operating Officer, Mohebi Logistics
    Prakash Rao, Group Head – Supply Chain Projects & Home Operations Landmark Group
    Vimal Nair, Director Product, Pando
  • 1030 – 1130

    Supply Chain Digitalization & Technology Leaders Panel

    • Data-based Supply Chain Optimization
    • How To Optimize S&OP through Technology
    • Selecting the best Control Towers
    • Transport Optimization
    • Moving from an Order-Based Model to An Agile Demand-Driven Supply Chain Through E2E Supply Planning Transformations
    • Curating Supply Chain Master Data For IOT And Blockchain Success
    • Reaching New Connectivity Milestones For Real-Time Supply Chain Signals
    • Using AI To Grasp And Predict Consumer Demand Patterns

    Sadi Abdel Kariem Al Sadi, CEO, Slimstock MEA
    Ganesh Iyer, Senior Director Value Discovery, Pando
    Shashi Kiran, Group General Manager, Jashanmal National Company
    Guillaume Akbaraly, Operations Director at Medsupply Government Services, International SOS
    Shailen Shukla, Chief Logistics Officer, Pictruc
    Prabhakar Posam, Co Founder & CEO, Transform Technologies (Patang)
  • 1130 – 1145

    Networking & Refreshments

  • 1145 – 1345

    Supply Chain Planning Leaders Panel

    • Supply Chain Planning for Business Resilience
    • Is IBP the way forward
    • Implement Sales and Operations Execution (S&OE) to Improve Short-Term Planning
    • Partner With Your Key Suppliers Now to Mitigate Materials Planning Risks of the Future
    • Connecting Finance & S&OP for Superior Business Performance
    • Connecting S&OP With Sales & Operations Execution (S&OE) to ensure there are no gaps
    • Benefits of bringing Life Cycle Management Into S&OP With Product Reviews
    • Incorporating continuous improvement tools into IBP & S&OP

    Dr. Muddassir Ahmed, Founder & CEO, SCM Dojo
    Sadi Abdel Kariem Al Sadi, CEO, Slimstock MEA - Keynote
    Ahmed El Hamamsy, Demand Planning Manager at Julphar
    Nagham Hadi, Founder & CEO, Ajyad Medical
    Ahmed Khaled, Founder & CEO, GSP Supply Chains
    Dyci Manns Sfregola, Founder & CEO, New Gen Architects
  • 1345 – 1445

    Networking & Lunch Break

  • 1445 – 1530

    Forecasting & Analytics Leaders Panel

    • The Role of Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning & AI in Demand Planning & Forecasting
    • Analytics, Data Management, & Improving Forecast Accuracy
    • Are You Ready for Demand Planning 2.0? Crossing the Threshold into the New Era of Forecasting
    • Have Data But No Insight? Transforming Your Supply Chain Data Into Business Intelligence
    • Generating Forecasts Quickly & Efficiently With Lean Forecasting
    • AI Powered Forecasting to Drive Cross Functional Processes

    Dr. Muddassir Ahmed, Founder & CEO, SCM Dojo
    Sandeep Chatterjee, Director, Deloitte India
    Dyci Manns Sfregola, Founder and CEO New Gen Architects
    Sandeep Walia, Chief Transformation Officer, Slimstock
  • 1530 – 1615

    Procurement Leaders Panel

    • Supplier Risk Management — The Key to Unlock Value Beyond Savings
    • The Evolution of Procurement Analytics
    • Possible Steps to Bring Your Suppliers Along in Your Sustainability Journey
    • Supplier Performance Management
    • How do you unlock supplier-driven innovation to address both tactical and strategic challenges?

    Kenneth Nymann Buss, Procurement & Supply Chain Director, Insight Plum
    Sajin Radhakrishnan, Head Procurement, Lafarge Emirates Cement
    Faiq Ali Khan, Vice Chair, The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS)
    Zeeshan Sabri, Regional Procurement Manager (Middle East & Central Asia), Motorola Solutions
  • 1615 – 1630

    Networking & Refreshments

  • 1630 – 1730

    Warehousing, Distribution, & Fulfilment Leaders Panel

    • Managing Impact of Demand Fluctuations on Warehouse Performance
    • Managing Reverse Logistics Challenges to Ensure Your Warehouse Maintains Good Inventory Control and Operational Efficiency
    • Streaming Analytics for Real Time Warehouse Decision Making
    • Get Near-Perfect Inventory Accuracy with Cycle Counting in a Cloud Warehouse Management System
    • Overcoming the Challenges Associated with Segmented Supply Chain Processes & their Impact on Warehousing

    Robin Vermaat, Founder & CEO, RV Consultancy
    Guillaume Akbaraly, Operations Director at Medsupply Government Services, International SOS
    Praveen Khare, Vice President, Retail Logistics & Fulfillment, Noon
    Mark Heald, Commercial Marketplace Manager, Seafood Souq
    Gjorgji Milenkovski, Operations & Business Development Manager, Centre Point Logistics
    Ajit Baretta, General Manager – Sales, Cargo & Logistics, Airlink International UAE
    Apoorva Kumar, EVP Group Supply Chain, Jumia Group
    Vimal Nair, Director Product, Pando
  • 1730

    Closing remarks and End of Conference Day 1

Day 2 | 16th September 2022

  • 0845

    Registration & Coffee

  • 0925

    Welcome Remarks by Sukhjinder Singh, Founder & CEO Infinity Expo

  • 0930 – 1030

    Retail SCM Leaders Panel

    • The Future of Retail Is Hybrid & Harmonized
    • How Retailers can Future-Proof Supply Chains
    • Robots, Retail & Revenue: How Automated Retail Can Transform Your Brand
    • Sustainable retail requires sustainable supply chains
    • Stay ahead of market trends with location analytics

    Ravi Kapoor, Partner and Leader - Consulting - Consumer Products & Retail - Middle East & North Africa at EY Global Consulting Services
    Shobhit Jain. Industry Leader EMEA South SAP
    Prakash Rao, Group Head – Supply Chain Projects & Home Operations Landmark Group
    Krishna Moorthy, Head Logistics, PAN Emirates
    Nissrine Elqobai, Co-Founder, ENY Consulting
  • 1030 – 1130

    Fashion Logistics Leaders Panel

    • Holidays for the World & Peak Season for Fashion Retailers (holidays, sales, promotions)
    • Fast Fashion - Faster Collection Renewal Rates
    • Agility and Responsiveness in the Fashion Supply Chain 
    • Omni channel distribution strategies in Fashion & lifestyle Sector
    • Inventory Intelligence to Minimise Unsold and Returns
    • Effective Strategies to Reduce Apparel Supply Chain Lead Times and Increase Customer Retention
    • Overcome the Challenges of Apparel Ecommerce Logistics at Scale
    • How can Small Retailers work their "Free" Shipping strategy to compete with bigger players.

    Shashi Kiran, Group General Manager, Jashanmal National Company
    Samee Patel, Head - 3PL & RFID Program, Landmark Group
    Heba Sayed, Data, AI and Automation, IBM Technology
  • 1130 – 1145

    Refreshment & Networking Break

  • 1145 – 1315

    E Commerce Delivery Leaders Panel

    • Leveraging Post + Parcel to Strengthen the Middle Mile
    • Achieving Routing Efficiency & Route Optimization for Cost Effective Deliveries
    • Best Practice in Delivery Allocation & Address Location for Enhancing Delivery Efficiencies
    • The Green Last Mile - sustainability through a fleet strategy
    • The Role of Consolidation in Reverse Logistics

    Hussein Wehbe, Founder & CEO, PlugMena
    Kaçem Nasri, Senior International Trade Operations Manager, Tradeling
    Krishna Moorthy, Head Logistics. PAN Emirates
    Mehdi Cherif Alami, CEO & Founder, Freterium
    Djamel Rezzig, Senior Partner, Rezzig Consulting
    Agam Garg, General Manager, Yango Delivery
  • 1315 – 1400

    Networking & Lunch Break

  • 1400 – 1500

    FMCG Supply Chain Leaders Panel

    • Maximise Efficiency, Minimise Costs! Driving Value & Productivity & Buffering Against Future Challenges With Cost-Effective Strategies For End-To-End FMCG, Food & Drink Supply Chains
    • Smart Strategies For Leveraging Forecasting Analytics, New Technologies & Big Data To Ensure Accurate Forecasting In Demand-Driven Food & Drink Supply Chains
    • Best-Practice in Inventory Planning To Reduce Stockholding & Availability Issues To Ensure You Meet Consumer Demands
    • Demand & Network Planning
    • Transparency, control and synchronisation across all manufacturing and supply chain operations, including production, procurement and material flows.
    • Boosting Supply Chain Performance by building truly Effective, Collaborative Retailer-Supplier Relationships In The Ever-Changing Food Retail Landscape

    Paul Maycock, Group Logistics Director, NDTE Group
    Ayman Elrafie, Arabia & Levant Supply Chain Director, Unilever
    Vimal Nair, Director Product, Pando
    Anish Garg, COO, Trukker
  • 1500 – 1600

    Pharma & Healthcare SCM Leaders Panel

    • Transformation of Life Sciences Supply Chains: The Emerging Imperatives
    • Can Serialization and Traceability Help Fix the Counterfeit Drug Problem Alone -- What Else is Needed
    • How Can You Use Advanced Planning and Data Analytics to Make More Informed and Proactive Demand and Supply Planning Decisions?
    • On Demand Supply Chain for Personalized Medicine – the potential in UAE
    • How to implement a best practice system for transport and equipment risk assessment and validation to achieve GDP compliance throughout your entire network
    • Airfreight: How can you work with airlines, airports and suppliers to take advantage of the speed and convenience of airfreight, whilst remaining compliant with global temperature control requirements?

    Sadi Abdel Kariem Al Sadi, CEO, Slimstock MEA
    Ganesh Iyer Senior Director Value Discovery, Pando
    Raj Adhya, Director Supply Chain, AstraZeneca
    Miguel Ibarbia, Head Supply Chain, Baxter
    Himani Kanwal, Director Supply Chain ME, Johnson & Johnson
    Hassan Jamaleddine, Supply Chain Director, NewBridge Pharma
    Guillaume Akbaraly, Operations Director at Medsupply Government Services, International SOS
    Chris Cherian, Demand & CS Manager, Pfizer
  • 1600 – 1615

    Networking & Refreshments

  • 1615 – 1700

    Sustainability, Green Logistics & Net Zero Supply Chains Panel

    • Working strategically to decarbonize your supply chain
    • Disclose emissions and set science-based targets
    • Engaging suppliers' participation critical to achieve net zero
    • Reconfiguring the supply chain through digital transformation
    • EV’s for reduced carbon footprint
    • Energy transition in Warehouses
    • Reduce, Recycle & Reuse
    • Improve Stock Management & Reverse Logistics
    • Eco friendly procurement

    Nilay Gosavi, Logistics and Procurement Head, Phoenix Contact Middle East
    Yasir Ahmad, Partner and Leader, Climate Change and Sustainability Services (CCaSS) for EY MENA Region
    Serge Taibaly, Head of Transport and Customs - MEA Zone, Schneider Electric Anish Garg, Chief Operating Officer, TruKKer
  • 1700

    Closing remarks and End of Conference Day 2